Fantich Media is a full service advertising agency located in South Texas! We specialize in creative Radio & TV Commercials, Social Media Management, Website Design, Branding & a whole lot more. Bring us your biggest marketing problems, and we'll solve them!

We create brands in South Texas. Let's make something, together.

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We Are Not A Traditional Ad Agency.
Or A Digital Ad Agency.
Or A Social Ad Agency.

We Are A Change Agency.


Fantich Media designs beautiful websites that you can be proud to show your customers. We often hear the troubles of making changes to websites with other companies, we can make changes faster than a speeding bullet. Ok, well not Superman fast, but pretty darn quick.


We’ve built a career helping businesses grow with successful radio commercials. If you’ve lived in the Valley, chances are you’ve heard plenty of our radio commercials. We produce everything in house. Yep. Every John Sun, House of China commercial you’ve heard is done right here.


Your business deserves a beautiful TV Commercial. Too often we see big name local advertisers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying TV time, yet they don’t spend any time or money on their commercial. We realize, no matter how much you spend on air-time, it doesn’t matter if the message isn’t there.


Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make or sell, it’s about the stories you tell. You can’t tell your story with just TV Commercials or Billboards anymore. You need full engagement of your audience. That’s where we come in. We are social media managers. We build your brand online.



We create beautiful websites that are full functional and easy to use for your customer. Over 75% of web users make judgements about the credibility of a business based on its website. Don't let an out-of-date website kill your opportunity. Our sites are SEO optimized and responsive for mobile devices.

Let us show you the Fantich Media difference.



Hacienda Ford – Labor Day and Football Sales

Hacienda Ford is always thinking of the best sales and campaigns for their customers! Fantich Media created these football and Labor Day commercials to show their low prices and great selection of vehicles! Below are three 30 second spots creat

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Rio Grande Pain Team – Feeling Better At Last

With two offices in the Rio Grande Valley, the Rio Grande Pain Team lead by Dr. Dennis Slavin has more than two decades of making patients feel better at last. Dr. Slavin wanted to show some of the treatments he does at his office so Fantich Media

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Illuminations – Model Homes

With two locations in the Valley Illuminations provides consumers and businesses with an extensive variety of home decor and lighting. Illuminations hired Fantich Media to produce a commercial highlighting some of their best pieces. See how you can b

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