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Hacienda Ford is always thinking of the best sales and campaigns for their customers!

Fantich Media created these football and Labor Day commercials to show their low prices and great selection of vehicles!

Below are three 30 second spots created for the Hacienda Football Sale!

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With two offices in the Rio Grande Valley, the Rio Grande Pain Team lead by Dr. Dennis Slavin has more than two decades of making patients feel better at last.

Dr. Slavin wanted to show some of the treatments he does at his office so Fantich Media created a series of videos that show how patients can find relief from chronic pain at Rio Grande Pain Team.


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With two locations in the Valley Illuminations provides consumers and businesses with an extensive variety of home decor and lighting. Illuminations hired Fantich Media to produce a commercial highlighting some of their best pieces. See how you can bring your projects to life with Illuminations.

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The Law Office of Bobby Garcia is #1 due to their commitment to people whether it be day, night, weekend, or holiday they are always ready and willing to help. Bobby always makes sure his clients always get what they deserve.

Fantich Media created this commercial to show clients one of the many cases that The Law Offices of Bobby Garcia works on.

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For those looking for a delicious protein shake, the Protein Shoppe has got you covered right after your work out, before work, or just at any time. You can recover, refuel, and recharge. Try the Choco Bomb, D Chachee, the Keto Krunch Shake, and more only at the Protein Shoppe!

Below is the 15 second commercial spot we made for the Protein Shoppe’s Signature Shakes.

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Hacienda For was having a special sales event named Hurry Up & Save where customers got to save up to $13,000 off 2019 Ford F-150s and 2019 Ford Expeditions!

Below are two 15 second spots created for the Hacienda Ford Hurry Up & Save Sales Event.


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Hacienda Ford approached Fantich Media about creating a commercial honoring and thanking First Responders.

Below is the 30 second commercial for Hacienda Ford’s First Responders Appreciation.

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