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Fantich Media has just been hired as the Agency of Record for Hacienda Ford in Edinburg, TX! Fantich Media is extremely excited about this opportunity to work with Hacienda Ford on their digital, traditional and branding. We’ve already started with new commercials, a new musical image “Hacienda Has It” and creating content like our new Hacienda “Hands On” videos.

We are excited to help the premier Ford dealership in South Texas grow!

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The City of McAllen Public Works & Recycling department approached Fantich Media about a new branding & recycling project for the city. Far too often people were not using their recycling bins properly, so they asked us to create a new branding strategy to help their residents use their Trash & Recycling receptacles properly.

We came up with a slew of different ideas to help the city residents learn about recycling right, along with a radio commercial campaign. The results were very successful for the city.

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